At Arm's Length Michael and Reina

At Arm’s Length [Webtoon – Recommendation]

At Arm’s Length is an utterly gorgeous webtoon about mental health and romance. We’re drawn into the characters suffering and root for their happiness!

Alt TitlesN/A
CreatorsZushi Draws: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
Licensed?Yes, Webtoons
NovelNot that I know
GenreDrama, Mature Warning: Depression, Suicide Attempt / Self-HarmPsychological, RomanceSlice of Life
At Arm's Length
At Arm’s Length, Reina and Michael

At Arm’s Length: After a bad first year at university, Michael returns to school after a taking a year off to manage his mental health. His life has mostly returned to normal but he still has a feeling of uncertainty.

Afraid of getting hurt, he keeps everyone at a distance until the “ice queen” catches his attention.

Through his attempt to pursue her, he realizes in order to melt her heart, he has to open up his. Slowly, the distance between them begins to close..

I think reading “At Arm’s Length” can be quite upsetting for some, but if you feel up for it, it’s definitely worth reading it. It is focusing heavily on mental health issues, which I think many of us can relate to.

Even if you haven’t suffered/or are suffering from a deep depression, you’ve probably felt like the responsibility laid on you is too much.

Maybe you’re feeling that everyone nags too much and have too high expectations of you. Whatever you might feel, know that your feelings are valid, regardless how much anyone are trying to brush them off.

At Arm’s Length’s main male lead suffers from heavy depression, and even tried to commit suicide. Personally I can relate to feeling that bad, especially feeling like no one cares. In his case it might be true, but sometimes it’s not the case, and our brains just tell us we’re unloved.

The scary thing with depression is how it makes you think certain thoughts which just aren’t true. Your worst enemy is your brain. Not easy winning against that foe.

Honestly, this webtoon is resonating a whole lot with me. I’ve had the “talk” about my future which just stresses me out even more. This webtoon just keeps hitting hard and pummelling us with feels. I cannot wait until we see the continuation of this series.

“At Arm’s Length” needs to be given a spotlight due to the hard topic it tackles. It’s not easy to balance between portraying mental health without it becoming too personal/sensitive/dark.

Recommendation: This is a really good webtoon. The chapters are a tad on the shorter side, but the art is extremely gorgeous. Also Christine’s a bitch.

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