The way to appeal to the Devil [First Impression]

The way to appeal to the Devil [First Impression]

The Way To Appeal To The Devil is a shounen ai story, featuring some supernatural aspects. Our male lead is working hard to pay off his mother’s surgery.

Alt Titles祈求魔主的方式, Qíqiú mó zhǔ de fāngshì, Qi Qiu Mo Zhu De Fang Shi,
CreatorsZuo Zuo [左左, Zuǒ zuǒ] (author)
GenreFantasyMature WarningMurder / Attempted Murder, Shounen Ai/ YaoiSupernatural
The Way To Appeal To The Devil [First Impression]

The Way To Appeal To The Devil Summary

Li Fei, is coming out to “work” because his mother is seriously ill. A super rich boss catches him during a mission.

The boss requires his help with work, but also with eating and playing?

Then, Li Fei discovers that the true identity of his boss is the Devil himself… What will this mean for Li Fei’s life in the future?

Like most of these stories, our male lead is trying to save someone’s life. His ability to be a hitman/extorter makes him come into contact with our love interest, the devil.

Our protagonist Li Fei also have some type of snake which he usually commands. The way it’s being explained is the snake eats some life force and feeds it to our protagonist, or something like that.

However, since our protagonist is lacking, the snake is starving. Anyway, the main reason for Li Fei working the way he is so his aunt/”mother” can get her surgery.

The man he comes into contact with pays for the surgery for his aunt. However, he still wants him to wish for something he desires. Li Fei ends up picking money and a huge sum at that. However, it seems like a cheap wish to make all things considered. It’s not like he can’t wish for something else after all.

Although the series is set in the modern times, it seems the two male leads met in their previous lives. There’s flashbacks and dreams hinting at it, which I suppose makes sense.

Recommendation: It’s not a bad story but I’m not feeling a great gut feeling about. If you like shounen ai stories you may like it more.

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