Amaku, Torokeru

Amaku, Torokeru [Recommendation]

Amaku, Torokeru is suitable for people who want to read some sweet romance. There’s not a lot of content or quality, but it’s slightly cute.

Alt Titles甘くとろける, 誘惑御曹司は臆病なシンデレラが 可愛くてしかたない, Melting Sweetly, Yūwaku onzōshi wa okubyōna Shinderera ga kawaikute shikatanai
CreatorsTASAKI Kurumi [田崎くるみ] (Authors)
Usumidori [うすみどり] (Artist)
LicensedYes, Pocket Comics App
GenreDramaMature Warning: Drugs / AlcoholMental / Physical AbuseRape / Mentions of Rape, Romance

Amaku, Torokeru Summary

“Your lips are so sweet… I feel like I’m going to melt just from a kiss.”

Michi is a beautiful receptionist who cheerfully does her best at her job. She seems perfect, but actually she loves eating — a ton !

Because of that, none of her relationships have gone well, and she’s afraid to confess her feelings to Taichi, the heir to one of her company’s clients.

One day, Taichi sees her eating a snack in secret on her break. It makes him set his sights on her!

It’s a Cinderella story for a receptionist who’s afraid of romance.

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Amaku, Torokeru
Amaku, Torokeru is a fast going story, which isn’t bad but clearly lacks a lot.

I’m not saying this is the best story ever, but it’s quick and sweet. If you just want to go “aww” about a couple, this isn’t a bad one.

We start out hearing about Michi and her complex. Apparently she eats like a horse and she’s constantly being teased and boyfriends dumping her.

She also has two friends, with equally bad complexes. However, we’re not exactly told what’s happening with them and they just disappear from our sights.

The story also features some drugging and rape-esque scenes. There’s a lot being packed into this story, and although I hate the clichés and tropes, it’s also good-ish.

Amaku, Torokeru
Now, there’s many moments I want to face-palm, but I’m not hating the story despite that.

There are good moments, too. For instance, Taichi chooses to believe Michi, despite things weighing against her.

Normally we’d see some drama about that and maybe if the story was longer, we’d see that. However, this time he believes her and takes out his anger at the right person.

The manga is gearing itself towards a mature female audience, but the actual story is suitable for a younger audience (excluding all the saucy moments).

Final thoughts: Read it as a light-hearted romance and don’t read into the poor plot points. Just enjoy the cute relationship and ignore the bad parts.

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