AI boyfriend

AI boyfriend [First Impression]

AI Boyfriend is quite a unique story, with a tragic backstory to it. The famous idol is no longer useful to the company, so they want to get rid of him..

Alt TitlesXin Renlei! Nanyou Hui Loudian, AI Boyfriend, Xīn Rénlèi! Nányǒu Huì Lòudiàn, 新人类!男友会漏电, Unusual Idol Love 
CreatorsFang Hui [方慧] (Author) – Ghost [郭斯特] (Artist)
LicensedUsed to be on Tapas
AdaptedUnusual Idol Love (C-drama)
GenreComedyDramaRomanceSci-FiSlice of Life

AI Boyfriend Summary

Alvis was the idol of millions of girls everywhere but then…he dies. Imagine next, when he appears on Minny’s doorstep and claims her house is his?!

She invites him in out of hospitality but never expects him to be so…weird. He’s super silly, super arrogant, and the first person that’s made Minny’s heart race.

He’s also…an AI that’s lost all his memories?! Together, they develop feelings that are anything but artificial.

AI Boyfriend [First Impression]

The story is mostly comedic, with some darker undertones. You see, our male protagonist is actually an android/robot and due to some malfunctions, he’s going to be put out of business.

Now, the company stages his suicide and plans to dismantle his body, too. Yet, they can’t find him anywhere, despite a thorough search for him. He goes home, only to find a young woman living there instead.

Turns out all those memories of his family are just fake memories. He’s never been human nor has he had a family to speak of, that’s quite sad.

The CEO of the management company owning the ai robot is also the young woman’s father. So she sneaks in and hears them talking about the idol.

If you end up enjoying this manhua, you’ll be happy to hear a Chinese drama was released this year. It’s called “Unusual Idol Love” and I believe it’s already fully released.

Recommendation: It’s a cute story with a decent plot, give it a shot and see if you like it.

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