Age Matters [First Impression - Webtoon]

Age Matters [First Impression – Webtoon]

Age Matters is a steamy chunk of romance which you must read. No, you can’t wait. Read it now!

Alt Titles Вопросы возраста, 霸氣老闆年下男
LicensedYes, Webtoons
GenreComedyDramaMangaRomanceSlice of Life

In the story of “Age Matters” we meet 30-something Rose Choi who becomes involved with rich & young CEO Daniel Yoon. Initially they had no clue about each other, it was only through some very well-timed events we ended up with the juicy story.

“Age Matters” is honestly not something super unique, but it’s still fun with an employee turned friend turned lover. Half of the enjoyment was seeing them realize their feelings for each other but the other half is just seeing their cuteness as they interact. And Daniel being jealous.

As for Rose, I think we can all identify with a bad breakup and how it’s hard to bounce back. Not everyone reacts the same of course, but Rose’s method is distracting herself with anything and everyone. Yet she also feels bad because she hasn’t achieved anything despite her age (hits home quite hard).

Age Matters
Excuse me while my ovaries explode.
With the story’s premise we’re obviously going to see several obstacles towards love. For starters, the age gap. Half of Rose’s feeling of inadequacy is her lack of accomplishments despite her age. Compared to Daniel, who is a billionaire before turning 25 – I can totally get it. 

Secondly, I suppose many don’t see Rose as pretty or attractive, mainly due to her clothes and questionable fashion sense. Several people then try to push her down, covering their own insecurities. I’m looking at you Via.

Another obstacle is also Daniel himself. He’s dense. Likewise is Rose, not to mention her bad breakup. Even more obstacles just involve people in their presence. Everyone has opinions about everything. Comments turn into misunderstandings and so on. It takes knowing what, or who, you want to come out on the other side.

Despite all this, love blossoms and let me tell you – there’s many fans of this series. If you haven’t yet read this webtoon, you are missing out. Now go! Read it! Swoon alongside me, I know you want to do it.

Read on Webtoon.

Recommendation: Hell Yes! 

Age Matters
Is this fan service? Maybe… Do we enjoy it? Yes. And we totally respect him for his achievements and hard work as well. Not only as a sex bomb.

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