Agatha [Manhwa – First Impression]

Agatha is a new series published in 2021. We can expect betrayal, longing, human anguish and love. Yet, what does that actually mean for our protagonist?

Alt Titles아가사, Agasa, 艾嘉莎王妃, 阿加莎
Creators Lee Dain [이다인] (Artist & Author)
AdaptedNo, I think
GenreDramaFantasyHistorical, Romance

Agatha Summary

Queen Agatha just dreamed of a free life with a loved one.

But in front of her, who has lived with her eyes covered, the secrets of the kingdom that have been secretly hidden are revealed.

The end of the truth faced in the dark…

Will she be able to hold on to the end of the dawn without falling apart?

Agatha [Manhwa - First Impression]
I’m not sure I’m fully into this story, but I kind of like it.

The plot seems relatively interesting, since Agatha is the actual queen of the kingdom yet she’s given her power to her husband. It basically means she’s only a queen in name, but she doesn’t really have any power.

It seems very odd to me that her husband is acting the way he is. Apparently he was away for at least a month, yet he comes back smelling like flowers. It’s so obvious he’s cheating on her, but she’s the only one who is not realising it.

I totally understand the reason why she gave him so much power. She wasn’t ready for her father to die, but it’s not good to just close your eyes, either. She should have slowly started to get back into ruling so she wouldn’t be so far away from the power that is rightfully hers.

We saw a prologue happening, which I’m not sure will actually take place or not. It could be a foreshadowing what’s coming, or it could just be something else. It’s a bit confusing since it doesn’t seem like a reversal of time story, either.

The art makes the characters look very mature, Agatha especially. She looks quite mature and old, despite her not being too old probably.

Recommendation: Might be worth checking out, especially if you like suspicious men getting punished

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