Abandoned Wife Has a New Husband [First Impression]

Abandoned Wife Has A New Husband features some really upsetting content, including abuse and poor views on women.

Alt TitlesThe Abandoned Wife Has a New Husband (Manhwa), 被抛弃的妻子有了新丈夫, 버려진 아내에게 새남편이 생겼습니다
CreatorsHan Ha-yeon
Lobster [랍스타]
LicensedPocket Comics app
AdaptedFrom Novel
Genre DramaFantasyHistoricalMature Warning: DepressionGore/blood, Mental / Physical Abuse, Romance
Abandoned Wife Has A New Husband

Abandoned Wife Has A New Husband Summary

After years of abuse, Chloe is eventually abandoned by her coercive and violent husband. Her fate is to become a disgraceful ‘sold wife’.

But when she is in danger of being sold for three hundred coins in a shabby, cramped pub full of horrible men, the mysterious Ash Brinicle appears and buys her for a huge sum of money.

Thus, without her or others knowledge, Chloe becomes the wife of the Marquis Brinicle…

Abandoned Wife Has A New Husband
Abandoned Wife Has A New Husband starts off with our female lead’s husband selling her to the highest bidder.

The a**hole of husband is abusing her, both physically and mentally. Due to this, she’s now fearful of water and even passes out in the tub!

So when a disgusting man buys her, she puts up little effort or resistance. Thankfully our male lead swoops in like in a cliché story and buys her from the first husband.

He pays such as exuberant amount it’s clear he knows her from the past or something. Quite early on we have some hints they may know each other from the past.

It seems the male lead is cross-dressing as a female girl in the past, and that girl is the same one the female lead befriends.

At least that’s my theory, but I can be wrong, too. A word of advice, if you’ve been suffering from abuse, then this manhwa may be triggering for you.

I doubt it’s showing anything too graphic but the mere thought of abuse and what is showing can be upsetting. There’s mostly flashbacks to Chloe’s past and dialogue, at least from what I can see. It also seems to hint or imply what’s going to happen to her.

Overall the story seems to be a healing story, which I’m looking forward to reading more of. The male lead also seems to be decent, I just hope he doesn’t do a 180 and becomes abusive towards her, too.

I like how the male lead takes things slowly and is not pressing her for information or answers. He’s allowing her to take her time, both when eating but also deciding her own future.

Final thoughts: The story seems different from most of these stories I’m reading, so I’m eagerly awaiting a licensing. I also hope the ex-husband ends up falling down a couple of stairs.

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