A tender love [First Impression]

A Tender Love starts off with some decent story but dissolves into a crying mess. Our protagonist is a cry baby who can’t settle on her own feelings.

Alt Titles縁木求愛 ~紅血の樹上で愛を求める~, 霸道王爷:王妃来闹闹, 매혹적인 왕비로 살아남기, 연목구애, Enboku kyūai ~ kōketsu no jujō de ai o motomeru~, Bàdào wángyé: Wángfēi lái nào nào, maehogjeogin wangbilo salanamgi, yeonmogguae
CreatorsHUH Sarin [Heo Sa Rin, 허사린] (Author)
Kiryang [Giryang, manaeun, 기량] (Author + Artist)
LicensedYes, Pocket Comics
AdaptedNot sure
Genre DramaFantasy,  HistoricalMature Warning: Mental / Physical Abuse, Romance
A Tender Love [First Impression]

A Tender Love Summary

A young girl becomes the princess in a foreign kingdom. She vies for the cold prince’s love despite the obstacles standing between them.

A Tender Love [First Impression]
A Tender Love starts out nicely, but descends into an annoying mess.

The characters are the biggest flaw of this story, without a doubt. Our female protagonist’s fears and tears are normal in the beginning.

However, I do hate the protagonist’s inability to act rational. She’s truly a naive child, not suitable for a position as empress. I didn’t read far enough to bother with her drama. It’s the same as it was in the beginning.

You see, she falls in love with the wrong prince and not her husband. She’s so smitten by him she’s practically telling him she wishes her husband is him.

She ends up trying to avoid him, forcing herself to become a good wife to her current husband.

However, she’s still very much in love and so is the wrong prince, too. It goes back and forth like that for several chapters and it’s just.. tiresome.

That said, the plot is overall quite good and interesting. If the protagonist hadn’t been a crybaby but a more regal wife, the series might have been interesting to read.

I can guess how things will end, which isn’t a good thing for most stories. The fact we have a cliché plot point such as Great Crown Prince knowing his wife in the past.

Recommendation: I can’t be arsed to care about the relationships, but the plot seems to be half-decent anyway.

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