Honey I’m Going on a Strike [Recommendation]

Honey, I’m Going on a Strike is a time travel romance-comedy, with some genuine funny moments! Can’t wait until this is officially licensed.

Alt Titles여보 나 파업할게요, Honey I’m Going On Strike
CreatorsGO Eunchae, 고은채, KO Eun Chae (Author)
Song Ye-seul, 송예슬 (Artist)
GenreComedyDramaFantasyHistoricalRomanceTime Travel
 A Strike

Honey, I’m Going On A Strike Summary

Cassia is the eldest daughter of a wealthy count, and she is so beautiful that she is well-known in the country.

Greze is so small and barren that it is difficult to make a living, and her husband is blunt and goes to the battlefield every day, making it difficult to see his face.

She struggles for 10 years, but eventually dies of an incurable disease of unknown cause.

Full of hatred and resentment towards her husband, she thinks she has come to heaven after she died, but the she sees her husband lying naked next to her.

Cassia immediately throws all kinds of curses and malicious words towards her husband Jester.

I thought he is blunt, but he’s good at talking, innocent and stupid… The story of the second marriage of a baroness who wants to play and eat but things doesn’t go her way.

 A Strike
Honey, I’m Going On A Strike starts out like most time-travel stories, but it’s quite hilarious.

One of the first things our female lead tells her husband is that he sucks in bed! It was so funny I had to show my boyfriend the scene.

He’s shocked, as you may understand. Turns out that everything occurring those past 10 years were due to misunderstandings! Turns out he’s actually attracted to her, I guess?

And the reason he always went to war was because he’s not understanding his own worth!

 A Strike
Now, the female lead loves her children, as you may understand for obvious reasons.

Thus, she’s deciding to endure in order to meet them again. Which is honestly such a beautiful and heart-breaking thing to think about!

I quite like this story and our characters, despite the obvious clichés and tropes. I don’t think you can expect an amazingly unique story, but it’s definitely worth checking out!

Is it just me, or is the female lead reminding you of Charlize from The Taming of the Tyrant? At least in terms of her appearance, maybe not personality.

Final thoughts: The plot and story are very cliché but the comedic value of the story makes it well-worth reading.

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