So That's How the Saintess Became the Devil of Revenge

A Poisonous Lily [First Impression]

A Poisonous Lily really does live up to its name. Our heroine goes from being a saintess to seemingly committing murder. Yikes, what happened.

Alt TitlesA Blooming Lily, A Terrible Lily, Blooming Lily, 지독한 릴리, Lily the Vicious Villainess  (official title)
CreatorsEunrock, Eunlog, Eunrogi, Eunrok, 은록 (Author)
Hemo, 헤모 (Artist)
LicensedYes, Tapas
AdaptedYes, Novel
A Poisonous Lily [First Impression]

Summary of A Poisonous Lily

The Holy Empire of Serife’s saintess, Lily Stella.

She was a holy existence that nobody dared to disrespect. But one day, she stopped hearing God’s voice, and the Holy Empire of Serife fell to ruin. Lily Stella, who was thrown into a well by the hands of the enemy, cursed the God of Serife whom she served all her life with all her might.

“Serife. If you’re still listening to my voice, give me another opportunity. But if I die like this and return to your arms, I…”

“I will tear you to pieces and eat you alive.”

When she opened her eyes, wondering what happened, she had become Lily Stella of 17 years ago. She had returned as a 6-year-old child…

She threw away her past life’s innocent self as the saintess.
Deciding to become wicked, and to only live for herself.

A Poisonous Lily First Impression]
Being a saintess didn’t end up well for her
I’ve just read a few chapters, but I’m quite intrigued by this story. Our heroine, Lily, ends up dying and then comes back as a 6-year old.

She then goes through life with a wicked mind, or something. She ends up killing the person who fed her, seemingly to take his fortune. If that’s not being wicked, I’m not sure what is.

So our heroine is now a villainess, for real. Like she kills people because it pleases her and she even has a gang. I’m not sure why, but I just love that idea for a story.

The whole childhood passes by quickly, as if the artist didn’t want to bother fleshing it out. We see some images of the growth of Lily, but that’s it.

She’s also very mature looking for being only 13 years old. She was 6 years old when she came back, and it passed 7 years from that. How is she 13 years old?

Now, the butler Baron put an idea in her head to date to cure her boredom. So it seems finding a man is on the agenda! I’m not even mad,

I’m liking the story so far. It seems to be really funny and I hope it gets licensed soon so everyone can read it!

I’m not sure if the character we’re introduced to early on is the actual male lead. If he is, I’m not really super happy with him. Then again, our female lead is quite powerful and villainous so a more meek man might be what she needs. I suppose we’ll see as we go along with the story.

The story reminds me a bit about the manhwa “So That’s How the Saintess Became the Devil of Revenge”. At least the revenge aspect, although Lily wasn’t betrayed personally, she died die.

Recommendation: Worth giving it a shot and keeping an eye on it. It’s quite fun so far but need to read more to be fully sure!

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