A Life Through Selfies

A Life Through Selfies [Recommendation]

A Life Through Selfies is an interesting mystery/crime story told through drawn selfies. We’re not sure what we can expect, but the suspense is real!

Alt TitlesN/A
CreatorsArianna Arras
GenreComicsOEM / OELPsychological, , Slice of LifeThriller

A Life Through Selfies Summary

This is the life of Arianna Arras model and wannabe actress told through selfies.

A Life Through Selfies is pretty much the webtoon version of an ARG (Alternate reality game). Updates to the story comes in about every day in the actual webtoon universe, but obviously more sporadic in real life.

I actually find this one really intriguing due to the ARG. A Life Through Selfies is similar to the ARG I spoke about, but only with a drawn character instead. It’s a very unique concept which has great potential if done properly, which I’m thinking it’s doing.

We’ve already become familiar with Arianna and many are upset with the 2D character in the comments. Which is actually really funny, because she’s not really alive obviously. Yet the commentators are really working themselves up, as if they’re seeing a real person making stupid mistakes.

And the mistakes are honestly very stupid, and common sense. She’s showing her credit card, including numbers, for the camera. She’s updating where she’s going and who she’s with. Hell, she even got a snap of a person who ended up beating her with a bat. Warning messages telling her to stop and yet she continues.

If nothing else, this is a great example of how to be careful on social media. You’re not as safe as you think you are and you never know who’s watching you..

The art is a mixture between cartoon and realism and it’s something I quite like actually. It’s not bad art by any means and I love the blurbs we get to the selfies. The character of Arianna also have an Instagram, and the posts published on webtoons are published there, too.

This is really making it intriguing to follow! This means you can follow the story on Instagram as well as webtoons. Whichever is better for you, I suppose.

Recommendation: Definitely check out this one! It’s intriguing and mysterious and I’m definitely going to be reading more of this.

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