A Joyful Life [First Impression]

A Joyful Life [First Impression]

A Joyful Life is a tale of two women who once again reconnect. One of them is stuck on the past.

Alt Titles안녕은하세요 / annyeong-eunhaseyo
CreatorsGum [검둥, Geomdung, Gumdung, Kimgumdung2]
LicensedYes, Official English Translation
GenreDramaRomanceShoujo Ai / YuriSlice of Life

A Joyful Life summary from MU

A lonely girl finds solace in her bag full of memories, now it’s time for her to break through her shell.

The art style is very much muted and quite frankly, a bit dull looking. It’s not to say it’s bad, since a story’s art doesn’t have to be amazing to tell a good story. I do like it, but in a different way from other stories’ art.

I found the initial plot quite confusing. Maybe it was because I was reading it late at night, or something is off with the translation. Either way, I found it odd how the beginning started.

Our female lead is in her apartment, only for a man to walk in. I thought it was her brother, but I think it was a childhood friend who has a crush on her. This didn’t seem to fully clear when I initially read it.

This male friend ended up fighting our female lead’s romantic interest in high school. The romantic interest later on moved away and eventually we’re given a chance to glimpse into her life.

A Joyful Life [First Impression]

It seems she’s not receiving support by her family due to being a lesbian. In her parents home there’s moving boxes filled with her stuff, which she ends up telling them to toss. It’s clear she’s not wanting anything to do with the family, including her sister.

Now, it seems our female lead’s trip will have to wait since her work is swamped. They haven’t been able to find a replacement for her, which seems to be something she expects.

Of course our female leads will end up meeting and most likely reconnect with one another. I cannot say if I like this story or not. It’s not bad, but I’m not feeling the urge to read past the free chapters on Pocket Comics.

Recommendation: If you like more mature GL stories, you may end up liking this one.

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