I'm a Good Kid, but I Still Want to Do It

I’m a Good Kid, but I Still Want to Do It! [Recommendation]

I’m A Good Kid, But I Still Want To Do It! is such a sweet, cute story about a teenage couple trying to explore intimacy.

Alt TitlesMajime Dakedo Shitain Desu!, Majime Dakedo, Shitain Desu!, Majimedakedo, Shitain Desu!, まじめだけど、したいんです!, 讲真,我很想做!
CreatorsKAMURA Rou [KAMURA Low, 嘉村朗] (Author & Artist)
LicensedOfficial English Translation (Pocket Comics app only)
AdaptedNot sure
Genre ComedyDramaMature Warning:  SmutRomanceSchool Life
A Good Kid

I’m A Good Kid, But I Still Want To Do It! Summary

“Don’t get me too riled up. What would you do if I lost my cool?” says Sudou-kun, but it only makes Kaori want to push him over the edge.

Then she unknowingly excites him when they’re alone together. “Sudou-kun… do you feel it?” She asks honestly, and that’s when he…

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I'm A Good Kid, But I Still Want To Do It!  [Recommendation]
Normally, these types of stories go from being decent to disgusting, but not this one. This one manages to keep the cuteness and innocence of developing sexual urges towards your partner.

Sexual relations are completely normal, yet in most smutty manga/manhwa the relationships are skewed. There’s always misunderstandings, heartbreak, forcefulness and no focus on consent.

That’s why this story is so good, because it features a couple very much in love. They’re wanting “to do it” but due to differences in their emotional growth, they may not be quite on the same wavelength yet.

However, Kaori, our female protagonist, is slowly coming out of her shell and delving deeper into what couples normally do. She does it with an innocent, naive but ultimately persistent attitude. Without knowing the words or proper behaviour, she learns with Sudou-kun.

Sudou-kun could easily slide into the common tropes of forcing his girlfriend to do various sexual acts. What’s refreshing is how Kaori initiates these events and Sudou seeks permission from her to continue.

I'm A Good Kid, But I Still Want To Do It!  [Recommendation]
The relationship feels wholesome and natural, which is something I really like. If this helps anyone with their questions or intimacy problems, then that’s a great win.

I’ve read up until chapter 51, so that’s where the recommendation is based upon. I’m not sure what happens in future chapters, but I hope it stays on this path.

Furthermore, I read this on Pocket Comics in colour, so I’m not sure how much sexual scenes the “original” manga has.

Recommendation: Definitely worth checking out if you want a wholesome, cute and slightly sexual teenage dating manga.

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