A Beauty, A Fatal Concubine

A Beauty, A Fatal Concubine [Manhua – Recommendation]

“A Beauty, A Fatal Concubine” features a time reversal, filled with murder and hatred. Ok, it sounds quite bad but honestly speaking – the story is pretty grim.

There’s a lot of deception, manipulation and framing in this story. 

Alt TitlesJiāo Nǚ Dúfēi, Pampered Poisonous Royal Wife, 娇女毒妃
CreatorsYān Yǔ Fāng (Author), Dongmanshe / Shao Yan (Artists)
Licensed?Yes, English
NovelYes, English – Search “Pampered Poisonous Royal Wife” 700+ chapters
GenreDramaHistoricalPsychologicalReversal of TimeRomance

Summary of A Beauty, A Fatal Concubine:

Rebirth and come back. Mu Yunyao believes in three points: firstly, don’t be kind to others; secondly, remove out the source of the trouble; thirdly, don’t believe the true feelings. She is ruthless and unscrupulous.

Instead of enduring, she would rather stir the world upside down. But after a encounter, there is always a cold prince following her and wanting to marry her…

A Beauty, A Fatal Concubine sees Mu Yanyao going back in time to before her mother died. And before she was also killed by her own family. Her first objective is to get free from her grandmother, who has been abusing her and her mother.
A Beauty, A Fatal Concubine

She has knowledge of the future, so she immediately goes into making a business for herself and gaining notoriety. 

The story itself is very involved and features a lot of dialogue and references. It’s not easy to fully understand some events going on in the plot.

This may be due to the translation, but also in general how manhuas generally are. Most manhuas feature very plot heavy stories that can easily become overwhelming. There’s many names and a different manner of speaking.

That being said, the story is good and it’s interesting to see how far Mu YanYao is willing to go to punish the ones who wronged her in the past. It’s also interesting to see who are trying to hurt her in the present time.

The way she’s also going to team up with one of the princes is also interesting. We get to see how our main female lead learns more about what happened in the past. This was a big hurdle and thus she’s starting to trust others.

So far we haven’t quite reached fruition with the romance, but I’m holding high hopes. I hope for the prince and our heroine to develop a close relationship.

If you can’t wait for this, there is a novel available under the name “Pampered Poisonous Royal Wife”. It has about 700 chapters from what I’ve heard. So you’ll be busy.

Recommendation: If you enjoy historical manhuas with some heavy plot, a definite read. 

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