A Butterfly Metamorphoses Three Times [Manhwa - First Impression]

A Butterfly Metamorphoses Three Times [Manhwa – First Impression]

Initially I was drawn into the cover, but the story is also kind of weird and interesting.

Alt Titles A Butterfly Metamorphoses Thrice, 나비는 세번 변태한다
CreatorsLada/라다 (Author), keonteulili/컨트리리 (Artist)
GenreDramaMature WarningPsychologicalRomanceSlice of Life

A Butterfly Metamorphoses Three Times summary

“By a turn of events, Jin Naye ended up kissing her co-worker’s boyfriend, not to mention she keeps hearing a maleficent voice which nobody else can hear…

At home, she’s a pitiful daughter who didn’t even get married yet, and at work she’s a weak-willed pushover. Day by day, Naye is forced to live a life full of torment.

In order to defy her mother’s wish to meet a marriage prospect on her own birthday, she attends a party and gets herself some drinks – actions which are unlike her.

There, she ended up having her first kiss, but with her co-worker’s boyfriend?! From that day onward, Naye’s life started to change bit by bit…”
We have a poor girl who has been growing up to become a total pushover, but based on the title and what’s shown in the first chapter – she’ll end up changing. 

I honestly feel bad for Naye, not Na E, as many of her colleagues keep saying. Yet, she ends up meeting a decent guy that isn’t a real jerk. 

Or is he? I can’t tell, honestly. Anyway, the guy is one of her co-worker’s boyfriend and she ends up even kissing him. And he actually knows her name is Naye! I suppose that’s a huge improvement.

The co-worked is a bitch, so she deserved it. The situation is sad for her, though. Naye, not the co-worker. I really feel bad for her, she needs a hug and a good friend.  

A Butterfly Metamorphoses Three Times

I have a feeling the 2nd male lead isn’t going to end up with our pretty Naye, which makes me a bit sad. He seems to like her, but then he pulls a stinky move on her.

This series is just filled with ups and downs, it seems to have been discontinued by the people translating it. 

Final Thoughts I have read some comments saying it becomes a big mess towards the later chapters, but it was kind of fun to read up until chapter 7. I really wanted her to tell her co-workers off, but that didn’t happen. The art was really pretty, too!

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