3 Word Horror [Horror Month]

3 Word Horror is some really short stories, but they pack a punch. Words are powerful, and with the illustrations they evoke some really bad feelings.

Alt TitlesN/A
CreatorsGnomenclature, G. Bruno Fischer
LicensedYes, Tapas
GenreComedyHistoricalHorrorMature Warning: Gore/bloodDrugs / Alcohol Mental / Physical AbuseMurder / Attempted Murder, Suicide / Attempted SuicideSupernaturalThriller, Psychological
3 Word Horror
3 Word Horror is exactly what it sounds like.

In 3 Word Horror, there’s a caption and those words make up a story which the artists add an illustration to as well.

It’s a really good way to evoke emotions and thoughts with the audience. Is it necessarily a unique way of doing it? No, but the artist executes it really well so it doesn’t matter.

Unless you have good imagination, these stories may not be something for you. Sometimes you really have to think what it means, which is quite good.

There’s a good variety, with some being bloody and others not to much. Some are also quite funny, in a really dark way. Like “the phantom’s limb” which is literally a limb hanging in the air.

It seems the comic is done, with about 108 chapters lasting from 2018 to 2019. Sometimes the author puts in other art-pieces, so the actual comic is about 66 chapters.

A good number to stop on, if you ask us.

Final thoughts: The short stories are completely free, so I definitely think you should be checking them out!

This is part of Otomenai’s horror month, where we share some interesting horror comics during the month of October.

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