2 People [First Impression]

2 People starts off with an auction of a life, namely that of our female lead. The auction makes it seem worse than it actually is, strangely enough.

Alt Titles2인용 인간, Two People, 分裂人生, 她的两种使用方式
CreatorsWonder [loftysofty327, make_meWONDER]
LicensedNot English, Official Simplified Chinese Translation, Official Traditional Chinese Translation
GenreDrama,  Mature Warning: Depression,  Suicide / Attempted Suicide,  Romance

2 People Synopsis

My life is being sold to two different people. Now I have to live as a different person in the day and night.

2 People
2 People starts off with the female lead attempting to jump off a bridge.

Apparently she’s in quite a lot of debts, but a “demon” comes with an offer. He asks for her life, in return for the debts and she accepts.

In her eyes, she is about to toss away her life anyway, so it doesn’t matter if she gives it to someone else.

Her life is put up in an auction and she’s being sold to two different people. You see, her life is sectioned off in day and night. So this means her life belongs to one person during the day and another one during the night.

Her daytime “owner” wants her to enrol in a school and find the heir to the throne. If she fails, she has to pay them back the cost of food, board and all of that.

2 People
The night owner wants her to pretend to be his girlfriend. It means a bunch of partying, acting lovey-dovey and all that.

There’s a big gap between her two lives and I assume the two men she meets will both capture her heart.

The female lead is quite pessimistic, like to the point she’s expecting to fail before even starting. I find it refreshing to see a female lead not being overly positive all the time.

It’s obviously because of her depression, but it’s still interesting to see someone who is more down to earth with her expectations.

So both of the male leads are good in different ways. It seems the first male lead is quite nice and caring, whereas the night male lead is more of flirty beast. Needless to say, both have good and bad qualities to them.

Final thoughts: Doesn’t hurt checking this one out, it’s quite interesting. I like both of the male leads, which is something new. I can’t say which one will end up with the female lead by just seeing their interactions.

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