1st Kiss

1st Kiss – I don’t Want to Consider You A Sister Anymore [Manhua – First Impression]

1st kiss is a manhua focusing on two successful people living as siblings. However, one of them is tired of living as “just a brother” and wants his “sister” to consider him as a man.

Alt Title 1er beso – No quiero considerarte más como una hermana, 1st Kiss, I Don’t Want To Treat You As Sister Anymore, First Kiss
CreatorsMisha (米沙) , Zuo Xiaoling (左小翎)
Licensed?Yes, English
Genre DramaPsychologicalRomanceSlice of Life,

Summary of 1st Kiss

He is her younger brother, although the two have no blood relationship but she always considers him to be her biological brother … can only be brother that’s all.

Of course he doesn’t want to be like that, but he is also afraid that he will create distance with her more and more far away.

If their first meeting in life was not like that, would they have another result? The girl he loves is right in front of his eyes but is like a wind and can’t hold …

Can only as younger brother? How must he do to let her know that he can also become a guardian for her whole life?


As you might imagine, this isn’t popular with his “sister” who finds the idea uncomfortable. It’s clear they care about each other but the brother’s behavior is probably not something anyone would be comfortable with.

Now, the sister is a famous actress and model who ends up having to work with her brother on some scenes. She’s clearly struggling to balance the information that her “brother” likes her and how she should behave in these scenarios.

1st Kiss
The art is gorgeous a lot of the time!
I honestly have a hard time imagining anyone forcing two people who grew up together to pose in “sexy scenes” together. It just seems forced and hardly appropriate.  

The manhua is quite interesting, especially the side characters. One of the side characters loves the sister and her gushing over the sister was hilarious. I quite enjoyed the story, characters and art.

The chapters are quite short, but the story itself seems quite easy to understand. This is honestly a relief, because most manhuas tend to overflow with people and information.

I quite liked the chapter illustrations. It shows the two as a couple, I guess. One is them getting ready in the morning/evening, one is playing tv games. It’s just adorable to see that side of them.

Recommendation: Maybe, it has potential. If you dislike step-brother-sister relationships, skip this one.

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