12 Days [Recommendation]

12 Days Is A Bit Strange, But I Still Quite Like It Since It Targets Grief And Dealing With Said Grief. The Story Is Tagged Girl’s Love, But It’s Not Too Heavy On That.

Alt TitlesN/A
CreatorsKIM June, KIM Jin Young
LicensedYes, INKR & TokyoPop
GenreDramaMature Warning: DepressionPsychologicalRomanceSlice of Life,  Shoujo Ai / Yuri

12 Days Summary

When Jackie’s ex-lover Noah dies, she decides the best and quickest way to get over the love of her life is to hold a personal ritual with Noah’s ashes.

Jackie consumes the ashes for 12 days, hoping the pain will subside with her profound reaction to Noah’s death.

While she and her partner-in-crime Nick, Noah’s brother, spend the time in the closed space her apartment, they slowly become consumed by Noah’s tragedy.

We all experience grief in our lives, small or big, loss is something we cannot avoid.

If you ever lost a close relative, I bet you can understand the feelings related to the grieving process.

Losing a loved one, especially in a traumatic accident, makes you feel everything bad and sad at once. You can’t process it initially and thus you may turn to unorthodox methods.

The main characters in this story deals with grief together and separately.

Jackie decides to consume the ashes of Noah, which is surprisingly not the first time I’ve heard about someone doing that.

It’s not necessarily something I can recommend, but I can understand the initial feelings.

You just can’t deal with the grief, it overtakes everything that’s you and leaves you feeling empty and too full at the same time.

The grieving process described is quite beautiful in this story, but also a bit weird. It’s definitely an interesting story, especially when you add the additional aspect of same-sex love.

Final thoughts: Grief affects everyone differently and I think this one might be a good read to deal with your own grief.

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