11 years and counting [Recommendation]

11 Years And Counting is a story about falling out of love. It’s about starting over with someone else and accepting you’re good enough.

Alt Titles11년 후 우리는, Us 11 Years Later
CreatorsLEE Jay [이재이]
LicensedOfficial English Translation (via app)
GenreDramaFinished MangaManhwaRomanceSlice of Life
11 Years And Counting [Recommendation]

11 Years And Counting Synopsis

What comes after an 11-year relationship? Is it marriage? Goodbye? Is love still out there?


You may consider not reading this story based on the art style. It’s a poor choice, since the story is enjoyable without fancy art or any other decorations.

It’s a relatively short story, with only 50 chapters. It tells the tale of our female lead, Heyah, whose boyfriend, Yoon, ends up cheating on her. She dumps him and starts figuring out where to go from there.

Eventually the director of her company starts paying attention to her, trying to get closer. It seems he’s been liking her for a bit and sees a chance now that she’s single.

The story is definitely not for those looking for a quick laugh. It’s a much more mature story, but it’s not so heavy on the emotions you feel bad reading it.

11 Years And Counting [Recommendation]
Even the office drama ends up being squished quickly and effectively, which is nice.

I enjoy reading a good story, with some slightly more heavy topics sometimes. I’m also enjoying the hashtags, marking what the snippets are about.

The story has an overall plot and all that, but each part is highlighted by a hashtag such as “#Does She Know?”, giving a hint what’s going on in that particular part.

11 Years And Counting highlights a personal fear I have. What happens if you fall out of love?

Recommendation: Yes, if you want to read about some real relationship issues, then this is for you!

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